tbo_scrambleTransforming Business Operations: Our name is our mission.

Real change -- if it is truly real -- is transformational. Real change impacts all the working parts of an organization: processes, technologies, the roles people play, how people work and how they see themselves within the context of the business.

Achieving meaningful, desired change requires a disciplined approach, along with highly skilled, experienced resources. TBO delivers these capabilities and helps clients bring about positive change with sustainable bottom-line results.

Additionally, TBO is transforming the consulting business through its approach to service delivery:

  1. Client-Configured Consulting Services, with a flexible staffing model configured to fit clients' specific needs, ways of working and language
  2. A structure for clients to give feedback and grade TBO performance on both project performance and behavior -- the T-CARD℠
  3. A clear, concise Code of Conduct representing foundational principles from which we do not deviate...ever.

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