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Posted by Terry Holtz

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Apr 9, 2014 11:21:00 AM

The Change Activation Toolkit is a learning and implementation resource that solves the engagement & awareness challenges with innovative resources that boost organizational change capability & promote positive change behaviors. 

This document outlines the key ways in which the Change Activation Toolkit offers organizations a compelling value proposition and substantial return on investment.

1.  Cost of developing in-house

Development of the Change Activation Toolkit took place over an 18 month period by a team of over 20 people in five countries. This group included change practitioners, academics, instructional designers, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, sound engineers and web developers.

The Change Activation Toolkit includes:

  • Eighteen modules, each providing over 2.5 hours of learning activities totaling 45 hours of workshop programming including videos, comprehensive workshop facilitation guides, further reading guides, activity handouts and job-aid summaries
  • Over two hours of animated videos featuring rich illustrations, dual voiceovers, sound effects and background music
  • Over 25 change implementation tools & templates that can be used towards initiatives
  • Over 100 articles, books, research studies and frameworks listed in included further reading resource guide
  • Over 750 illustrations (including over 50 unique stakeholder characters) representing different responses to change

The Change Activation Toolkit represents a development equivalent to many multiples of the license investment.

2.  Value as a learning tool

In its purest application, the Change Activation Toolkit is an organizational learning tool. Traditional change management training programs typically cost around $1,000 per person per day.

Each of the 18 modules within the Change Activation Toolkit provides 2.5 hours of learning activities, making 45 hours of learning activities in total, or over 5.5 days of training in total. This training gives the organization the ability to facilitate internally or use external facilitators without paying for content. Further, such training can be run an unlimited number of times for employees.

3.  Empowering internal change facilitation

Critical to the success of any change initiative is a well-trained cadre of change leaders imbedded in the affected organizations capable of guiding their co-workers through the change.  The toolkit not only enables the training of these change leaders, but also gives them materials required to conduct memorable and impactful workshops for their co-workers.  This continuous use of the toolkit come at no extra charge

4.  A long-term investment

The Change Activation Toolkit is an organizational asset that can be utilized as a learning and change implementation resource in an ongoing manner. Upgrades and updates are provided for a two year period. Following this period, future updates will be available to license holders without the requirement to re-purchase an entire Toolkit license.

5.  Supports all change approaches, does not lock-in any particular methodology 

The Change Activation Toolkit happily co-exists with other well-known change management approaches and supplements in-house change models. The Toolkit has been designed to be methodology agnostic, boosting the effectiveness of approaches by both creating higher awareness of change processes as well as increasing stakeholder engagement with (and understanding of) the individual activities that comprise change approaches.

6.  Higher success rates of change initiatives

  • Increased effectiveness of change leadership
  • Increased change awareness of senior leaders
  • Boosts effectiveness of existing change methodologies & models
  • Faster adoption of change projects
  • Better utilization of new systems and processes
  • Higher proficiency with new systems and processes

7.  Higher success rates of projects

Research shows that projects with effective change management programs are more likely to meet objectives, remain on schedule and on budget.

8.  Project wastage risk mitigation

The Change Activation Toolkit features organizational development themes that directly work to halt the three typical wastage costs in projects:

  1. lack of clarity of what change management and the impending change is
  1. lack of senior level sponsorship and change leadership
  1. lack of stakeholder engagement

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