What We Will Do

  • Understand the client's organizational and individual performance objectives and the approach that best works for their company ... and work with those guidelines to develop a customized game plan and performance report card -- the T-CARD℠. We also make sure that we understand the key dynamics in the client's industry.
  • Think and act like management℠
    • Conscientiously strive to ensure that our participation brings value and provides a cost-effective solution with maximum utilization of client resources, knowledge transfer and ongoing client commitment.
    • Support out clients and provide constructive ideas directly to clients for their consideration; we ensure that clients know the implications of the options (and therefore the impact of their decisions).
    • Are available beyond the project -- we periodically conduct 15-minute follow up conferences to stay tuned in and provide additional insights.
  • Work with and through client personnel and team members from other service providers to deliver the agreed-upon results.
  • Work behind the scenes (but not behind clients' backs) to ensure success; clients often say, "Things just go well when you're here."
  • Respect client confidentiality at all times and do not 'tell tales out of school.'
  • Respect and seek diversity of experience, of opinion, of cultures ... diversity in all forms.
  • Respect and are loyal to those not present.
  • Act toward others in a professional and respectful manner at all times ... both on and off the job.

What We Will Not Do

  • Use ultimatums such as 'you must do this or you will fail' or other coercive techniques and language during the sales process or at any other time.
  • Work without the client. We must have client team members involved in the project to ensure success; we will not deliver a project absent total client involvement.
  • Work around or undercut...
    • Our clients
    • Our team members
    • Our partners, including other professional service firms
  • Work a project beyond its end. We need to successfully complete projects within scope if we expect clients to award us other projects.
  • Add TBO personnel to a project team for the primary benefit of revenue.
  • Grand-stand for attention.
  • Give up ... on people or on projects. If things get tough, TBO will work diligently to resolve issues, overcome obstacles and deliver the contracted business case.

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