Client Need

At a basic level, the primary objectives for communications around a business project are to…

  • Create awareness/inform
  • Create understanding
  • Influence (gain acceptance; enlist support; engage actions/behaviors)

These are sequential outcomes. Unless the immediate situation is threatening to health and safety, we can’t just pour on the communication fuel for a few days and create spontaneous understanding and instant willingness to ‘jump on board.’ Generally, people need some period of time and multiple doses of communication from knowledgeable, influential people in order to…

Just see/hear it Break through the message clutter
Consider it    Decide whether this makes sense
Question it Translate the specific what/why/when/how/how much for ‘me/us’
Consensus it Get peer group input/assurance
Just do it   Accept and comply

Our Roles

  1. Assess communication needs to determine the purpose and methods of communication to achieve the desired business objectives 

  2. Analyze effectiveness of available organizational media

  3. Design and develop a communications plan with a feedback loop

  4. Provide support in executing a communications plan (with dynamic revisions along the way), which may also include message development and packaging

  5. Coaching leaders in delivering their messages (including their behaviors and body language)


"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."
- Mark Twain



Our Goals

  1. Deliver communication that has an organizational impact

  2. Significantly improve the uptake on action/behavior change relevant to the project

  3. Provide a structured, proven communication methodology, approach and tools

  4. Transfer knowledge about change communications to clients

  5. Support sustainable change in the organization


Our People

  1. Have at least 20 years of experience in business and/or government

  2. Have at least 20 years of communications and marketing experience from various organizations


Touch vs. Tech

In designing a communication programs for a typical change initiative rollout, we focus on high touch, interactive techniques and media, using high tech where it makes sense. E-mail is an over-used medium and ineffective in accomplishing any of the three objectives (awareness, understanding, influence); however, e-mail does work well for follow ups and quick updates. Other high tech that can work…

  • Program portal, ebulletin board or website that gives general project information, important dates and links to documents in an e-Library of project related documentation and communication products (but this only works if people can be persuaded to visit)
  • Virtual meetings (WebEx, Go-to-Meeting) and podcasts, which utilize a visual medium and enable high interaction among participants. Instant messaging tools (Instagram, Twitter) can be useful among project teams but should be used sparingly with the larger organization – too distracting.
  • Tester/user blog to ask questions, exchange comments and express any frustrations as well as approvals about the new tools/system




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