Organizational Health Check

Posted by Terry Holtz

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Jan 26, 2017 5:20:05 PM


Our Organization Health Check will provide answers to these three key questions:

  1. Does your organization have a well-understood target, strategy, goal, or stated purpose that governs decision making at all levels?
  2. Does your organization function as an efficient team?
  3. Does your organization require significant change in culture, processes and systems, organization, or location, and are you ready to take it on?


We will conduct an organizational diagnosis using the following Assessment Model to help your organization improve performance and ensure the organization is heading in the desired direction. 

Diagnostic Diagram.jpg

We require two elements: 

  1. One hour availability of key staff from Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology for interviews
  2. 30-45 minutes debrief to key management on findings

Presenting Our Findings

In an interactive executive workshop session, our debrief will include findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the Assessment Model, including immediate action items.

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