Thriving in the Face of Marketplace Disruption

Posted by Terry Holtz

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Jul 31, 2017 11:54:18 AM

When your marketplace is hit with radical disruption, does your culture embrace the challenge or does it resist with every ounce of energy available? Disruptive change is not a new phenomenon, and it is certainly not limited to technology. To survive the onslaught, we need to understand the elements of culture that allow some organizations to compete and even prosper, while others simply watch the decline and do nothing, and still others burn valuable energy on resistance.

In the 1940’s, A&P had over 30,000 locations and was by far the largest grocer in North America. Their small format stores were well suited to both urban areas and small towns where shopping was limited to small urban spaces or a small downtown. Then, the emergence of suburbs and cheap land led to large format Supermarkets. Slow to respond to this disruption, A&P entered a decades-long decline......

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