Organization Change Management


Client Need

Organizations are making changes more rapidly than ever before – by necessity.  Competition and customers are forcing changes to:

  • strategy and tactics
  • processes and the way people perform their work
  • systems, tools and technology
  • products and their functions and features
  • and even more broadly culture

For successful change that delivers the desired results, organizations realize the importance of using organizational change management approaches.  Typically, only 30% of change projects succeed to achieve the desired business objectives.  As a result, those change initiatives are costly in many ways – in actual dollars, in distracting the organization from other worthwhile initiatives, in deflating employee interest and morale, and loss of competitive advantage.  Change managers are best used from the beginning of a change project, but may also be used in a post project attempt to recover business benefits that were not successfully captured in the initial effort.


Change Facts

  1. Change initiatives crucial to organizational success fail 70% of the time according to IBM, McKinsey et al

  2. 75% of managers were unhappy with change initiatives underway according to Harvard Business Review article by Nohia and Berkley

  3. I have watched more than 100 companies try to remake themselves… a few of these corporate change efforts have been very successful.  A few have been utter failures.  Most fall somewhere in between, with a distinct tilt toward the lower end of the scale, according to John Kotter in Harvard

Our Roles

  1. Assist our clients in developing their executive leaders, change leaders, project managers and project teams through training, mentoring, and active coaching

  2. Serve as an organizational change team lead when the client does not have staff with requisite skills or experience

  3. Assess and develop a recovery plan for an at risk change project

Our Goals

  1. Significantly improve on reported implementation success rates

  2. Provide a structured, proven change management methodology, approach and tools

  3. Develop the skills of client staff through coaching and mentoring

  4.  Manage assigned projects professionally in a manner that achieves the best probability of change project success


Our People

  1. Have at least 20 years of experience in business and/or government

  2. Have at least 10 years of project change experience from various organizations

  3. Have the benefit of proven organization change management methodologies including our publication The Change Management Toolkit for Implementation of Mission-Critical Change, Third Edition. 



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