Program Management

Program Management is established in an organizations to  improve the probability that projects will be run both:

  1. Efficiently – Deliver desired outcomes on time and on budget and
  2. Effectively – Deliver business outcomes that when measured against cost are considered to be of value to the organization. 

Program manager roles depend on program office type and range from delivery of a single outcome to delivery responsibility for all projects and ownership of the project portfolio.



Program Office Types

  1. The standalone program office exists to deliver a single capability or product through a series of projects.  The program manager directs project managers, oversees tools and methods and is responsible for overall success.  These offices normally wind down on delivery.  In the federal government these type of offices continue on into operations
  2. The center of excellence program office exists to provide tools, methods and advice to multiple projects and programs.  Their role is coach trainer and mentor.  They do not have direct project responsibility.  The program manager directly or indirectly through a team develops a library of tools and approaches that are in demand to meet project needs
  3. The support program office provides staff and tools to projects.  Different than the center of excellence, this group provides its services through staff that is provided directly to the project teams
  4. The enterprise program office has responsibility project delivery across multiple programs and projects as well as the enterprise project portfolio.  The program manager develops a team of project managers who report directly to her.  Responsibility includes project success and the value generated by the portfolio


Our Roles

  1. Turn around current failure rates –  According to Gartner, more than 50% percent of program offices were dissolved as corporate entities within three years of startup

  2. Through coaching and mentoring, develop the skills of client staff

  3. Work with client to ensure project portfolios produce measureable business value


Our People

  1. Have at least 20 years of business and/or government experience

  2. Have 10 years of project delivery experience

  3. Have at least five years in program and project portfolio leadership roles in technology and business change projects