Project Management


Project Reality

  1. 40% of change projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals    - IBM
  2. 70% of organizations suffered a project failure in the last 12 months   - KPMG survey
  3. 17% of IT projects go so badly that they threaten the very existence of the company   - McKinsey survey

Top Five Reasons for Failure (IBM)

  1. Schedule/Resource estimates unrealistic
  2. Objectives not clearly defined or measureable
  3. Objectives changed during project
  4. Project Manager has poor skills
  5. Stakeholders/management not engaged


Client Need

Project Management is established in an organization to improve the probability that a specific initiative required to deliver a product, capability, process, or organization change will be delivered as budgeted, as scheduled and with the expected attributes and performance.  As defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) these initiatives or projects are unique temporary endeavors with a fixed beginning and end limited by a set budget and timeline.  Successful projects require application of skills in the following nine areas:

  1. Cost
  2. Human Resources
  3. Scope
  4. Quality
  5. Schedule
  6. Communications
  7. Risk
  8. Contracts
  9. Integration


Projects are less than successful when one or more of these areas are not properly executed or when management commitment and expectations are not consistent often as a result of failures in project communications.


Our Roles

  1. Assist our clients in developing their project managers and project teams through training, mentoring, and active coaching during project delivery
  2. Serve as project manager when the client does not have staff with requisite skills or experience
  3. Assess and develop a recovery plan for an at risk project


Our Goals

  1. Significantly improve on reported success rates
  2. Through coaching and mentoring, develop the skills of client staff
  3. Manage assigned projects professionally in a manner that achieves the best probability of project success


Our People

  1. Have PMI or ITIL project management certification or significant demonstrated experience that leaves little doubt of their qualification
  2. Have at least 20 years of business an/or government experience
  3. Have 10 years of project delivery experience