• 10-15 years of professional work experience, ideally in a mix of industries
  • Ability to plan projects and meet deliverables, as demonstrated in prior consulting work or management of projects in business, government or military sectors
  • Expertise in a specialized field, such as Operations, Manufacturing, Engineeing, Supply Chain, IT, HR/Training, Marketing and Sales, Business/Financial Analysis

  • Natural customer service orientation -- a desire and focus on making clients the heroes
  • Very high relationship skills
    • Ability to spot client issues; i.e., a broad enough perspective to not have blinders but focused enough to solve current issues in projects
    • Ability to match the right TBO team members (skills, personalities, team dynamics) with the client's needs, personalities and organizational dynamics ... and always with the client's approval
    • Ability, willingness and enthusiasm to bring in other TBO team members -- for additional insights, quality/peer reviews, additional breadth and depth
    • Ability to produce a direct request for their services on other projects from the clients they serve
  • Very high verbal and written communication skills
    • Facilitation and presentation skills
    • Ability to lead teams effectively ... and to be an effective team member
    • Ability to influence without being directive
    • Ability to interact effectively at all organizational levels
  • Ability and willingness to seek out and accept feedback ... and respond constructively
  • High energy, deadline-oriented, self-starter
  • Proficient in MS Office applications (Microsoft Project a plus)
  • Proficient in collaborative applications (SharePoint, Spellcheck)

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