We listen. From the initial meeting to project meetings, we listen to what the client is trying to accomplish and suggest ways to achieve the desired results.

We translate. Because we listen, we can then translate client ideas into an action plan or approach. We ask about the challenges, the mindset, and goals of leaders so that we can translate them into a meaningful go-forward plan that the organization can understand.

We provide insight. During our initial meeting, we will share client stories, insights, suggestions, tools, and pros/cons about different paths to take. As clients, you have the benefit of our experienced team as a sounding board for innovative ideas and approaches.  

We provide skilled resources. Each of our staff has at least 20+ years of experience, with expertise in the area clients request or need. Whether it is a team or an individual, our TBO staff fill a resource gap that our clients have.

We work like client staff. Our TBO staff fit into the culture of the client organization such that frequently clients do not know whether our staff are client employees or project team members. However, we still retain our “outsider” perspective to ensure we provide fresh, innovative approaches, ideas and energy to our projects. We operate with a management mindset

We think and act like management.  We conscientiously strive to ensure that our participation brings value and provides a cost-effective solution with maximum utilization of client resources, knowledge transfer and ongoing client commitment.

We support our clients and provide constructive ideas directly to clients for their consideration; we ensure that clients know the implications of the options (and therefore the impact of their decisions).

We work ourselves out of a project. TBO staff do not overstay our welcome – we want to be asked back (and frequently are) for other projects. Therefore, we energetically work to get client resources ready to take over as early as possible.  

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