Client Need

Training and development is rapidly becoming an urgent and vital part of every organization’s priorities.  As the baby boomers move out of the workforce, there are significant gaps in knowledge and skills in critical areas.  

Our Roles

  1. Conduct training needs analyses to determine what types of training are required or desired

  2. Design and develop customized curriculum based on competencies and skills desired

  3. Provide training using various approaches – online, classroom, train-the-trainer, custom or out of the box training

  4. Provide a retention roadmap to promote retention of the training and improve the skill base of the organization

Our Goals

  1. Deliver training that has an organizational impact

  2. Significantly improve on learning retention rates

  3. Provide a structured, proven training methodology, approach and tools

  4. Develop sustainable skills in the organization

Our People

  1. Have at least 20 years of experience in business and/or government

  2. Have at least 20 years of training experience from various organizations


According to McKinsey, “companies around the world spend up to $100 billion a year to train employees in the skills they need to improve corporate performance—topics like communication, sales techniques, performance management, or lean operations. But training typically doesn’t have much impact. Indeed, only one-quarter of the respondents to a recent McKinsey survey said their training programs measurably improved business performance, and most companies don’t even bother to track the returns they get on their investments in training.  They keep at it because a highly skilled workforce is clearly more productive and because employees often need new skills to deal with changes in an organization’s strategy or performance.”



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