Why Choose TBO?

  1. TBO provides services the way clients want to buy. If our clients want a team, we provide them. If our clients want one experienced consultant to fill a skill gap for a specific timeframe, we provide them. We frequently operate like our clients’ own staff.
  2. We are easy to do business with. Our clients continually tell us that we are easy to get on board – we rarely change the standard client contract terms and conditions. We operate like clients’ existing partners.
  3. We have only experienced people. Each of our staff has at least 20+ years of experience in business and/or military leadership positions.
  4. We have a flexible staffing model. Our staff is configured to fit clients’ specific needs, ways of working and language so that we “fit right in.”
  5. We have a structure for clients to give feedback. Our clients grade TBO performance on both project performance and behavior – using the T-Card℠.
  6. We have a clear, concise Code of Conduct. Our values represent foundational principles from which we do not deviate … ever.

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