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Transforming Business Operations: Our name is our mission.

Real change - if it is truly real - is transformational. Real change impacts all the working parts of an organization...

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Get Your Copy of the Change Project Guide.

The TBO Change Project Guide is now available. The guide is built around a basic roadmap that can be implemented using various tools and methodologies. We have also included an addendum that links training topics from the Change Activation Toolkit to the process elements.

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Your Change Team just completed a highly successful SAP implementation. Measureable benefits started early on and continue to flow in. You were given special recognition at the annual shareholder meeting. Today, you see in the Wall Street Journal that your company, second in its segment, is acquiring the third place firm. You stand by for a call to action by the CEO, but the phone never rings. You know that failure rates in these projects are between 50 and 85 percent. One KPMG study found that 83 percent of these deals hadn't boosted shareholder returns, while a separate study by A.T. Kearney concluded that total returns on M&A were negative.2 Sounds like a high risk proposition. What might you and your team’s role be in a merger-acquisition project? How might you get engaged?

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