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Transforming Business Operations: Our name is our mission.

Real change - if it is truly real - is transformational. Real change impacts all the working parts of an organization...

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From our offices in Houston and San Antonio, TBO is recognized as a firm that consistently helps improve organizational performance through our expertise, objectivity and partnering. Our success is measured by achieving our client's business targets, whether performance, economic or behavioral.

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I just finished reading my copy of 2014 Pulse of the Profession® by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This year’s edition is subtitled “The High Cost of Low Performance.” Mulling over the content, it struck us that as a company whose offering is based on driving organization change through project delivery, we should take a fresh look at how we interact with our customers. Further, as we looked at the offering, could the various delivery models improve our customers’ performance and therefore reduce cost and improve profitability.....

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