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Transforming Business Operations: Our name is our mission.

Real change - if it is truly real - is transformational. Real change impacts all the working parts of an organization...

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TBO congratulates Schlumberger NeXT on being voted Getenergy’s 2015 Education and Training Provider of the year. This marks the third consecutive year in which NExT has received this recognition. TBO has a long term relationship with NeXT partnering on training development and delivery.

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Can Your Organization Disrupt the Market and Win? According to Wikipedia, a disruptive change is an innovation that creates a new market by applying a different set of values, which ultimately (and unexpectedly) overtakes an existing market. It begs the question - why are some organizations capable of successful innovative change while others either fail to change or fail to recognize the opportunities. The potential economic impact cannot be overstated. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, two disruptive innovations - advanced robotics and cloud computing - have the potential to impact over $9 Trillion in global economic activity.........

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